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Could low oil prices benefit U.S. shale?

Speakers at the U.S. Exim Conference in Washington delivered an optimistic message to the crowd of industry pros and financial analysts: You will be surprised by the U.S. shale industry's resilience. Read More»

Fracking Check-Mate, Top U.S. Producers Will Lower Production

It is true that new technology, new efficiency and variations on once-standard processes in the oil recovery and energy sector had an impact on production levels of crude and natural gas long before the price collapse that started last summer. Read More»

How Can U.S. Shale Oil Production, Investment Recover?

The current retreat of global oil prices has set into motion several parallel segments of the energy sector that find themselves with no other choice than to also contract. It would reason that the biggest growth in recent history would likely feel the greatest impact. Read More»

Global Oil Crunch Not Detracting From Big U.S. Energy Picture

North Dakota's Bakken region has been a production superstar for the companies that were lucky enough (or wise enough) to have entered into acquisition and drilling deals early this decade. Read More»

Low Oil To Slowdown U.S. Shale, But New Investments Still Coming

While it does seem to be the strategy of OPEC to follow the crude oil prices down to the very bottom of the price well, the U.S. Shale Oil industry has enough confidence to ratchet back, but not stop investment. Read More»

Take Note: Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Could Be 'Next Big Thing'

Oil exploration and production (E&P) may have to take a backseat in 2015, not something that has happened in quite some time as the U.S. Shale Oil & Gas boom has been a virtual rocket sled going nowhere but up. Read More»

Marcellus Shale Forecast To Still Have $90 Billion Value

According to mining and metals analytical firm Wood Mackenzie, about $90 billion of value remains in the Marcellus Shale. That estimate factors in the potential revenue from marketing the gas, minus development costs. Read More»

Fracking Pushes Sand Demand Higher, Transport System Strained

The emergence of new technologically advanced horizontal fracturing techniques "fracking" has certainly been a boon to the U.S. economy and a steadily increasing reason to believe in sustainable domestic energy. Read More»

Ohio’s triple play is a shale oil cornucopia

Ohio has long been known for its river valleys and layered typography, a geological cornucopia that for more than a century has been the stomping grounds for the investor and the explorer searching for oil. Read More»

Fracking, Horizontal Technology Drive Energy Boom

It’s no secret that the Shale Oil & Gas Boom is being driven by accessible energy that was once thought unreachable. Looking at data from PacWest on wells frac'ed per quarter and Baker Hughes on wells spud per quarter, we can see that about 75% of the wells spud in the U.S. are now receiving hydraulic fracturing treatment. Read More»

Oklahoma, Louisiana see oil-growth potential, investments follow

Oklahoma is one of those states that never come up in conversations. In fact, the folks of Oklahoma recognize their lack of distinction — and embrace it. However, that lack of notoriety may soon be a thing of the past. Read More»

Billion-Barrel Milestone Reached At Bakken, Three Forks

When people outside the oil and energy industry hear the name Bakken they may not recognize the name — in fact, many may have never heard of it. Fact is, many people in the U.S. know little about shale oil. Read More»

U.S. Shale Oil Plays Promise Longevity As Key For Investment

Canada's largest natural gas company Encana Corp. said it is buying assets in the Eagle Ford shale field in Texas. The purchase from Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold for $3.1 billion, will nearly double the company's oil output. Read More»

Non-Traditional States Seeing New Growth With Unconventional Wells

Since the beginning of the shale oil and gas boom, states such as North Dakota, Montana, Pennsylvania and Texas have been the stars of an ever-growing story about energy source success. Read More»

Arrival Of Spring Season Signals North American Oil Boom

It’s no secret that when drilling for oil and natural gas in North America there are more obstacles to navigate than where to drill. Any drilling operation must cope with the winter weather and the varying challenges it delivers...Read More»

Shale Oil, Hydraulic Fracturing Set Tone For Booming Energy Growth

In his recent State of the Union address, President Obama touted the role of natural gas as a bridge fuel and went on to recognize the shale oil and gas industry boom as the leading reason for optimism for U.S. economic growth in energy and many parallel industries...Read More»

Oil Industry Growth, Complexity Adding Jobs, Services To Economy

The oil and gas industry continued to be the U.S. economic success story of 2013, with little end to the staggering growth in sight. While other industries have struggled to regain a foothold since the economic meltdown, oil and natural gas production has increased 25 percent in just five years...Read More»

U.S. In Top Spot For Worldwide Oil, Natural Gas Production

When you consider where the U.S. reliance on foreign oil and natural gas was just five years ago, it is nothing short of amazing where they are residing in the world order in 2013.

Read More»

U.S. Shale Oil And Gas Assets See Merger Activity, Long-Term Growth

The shale oil and gas playground that has been enjoying much success for several years, stood up and buttoned its collar as the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involving shale assets got more formal and more numerous in the second quarter of 2013...Read More»

Shale Boom Has Ignited Increasing Demand For Fracking Sand

They say everything is big in Texas — and when it comes to sand you can add yet another resource to that "big" list. Along the Red River, not far from Saint Jo, Texas, herds of grazing cattle meld together on the landscape with the surface oil pumps" continuous bobbing. Below the surface activity lies vast deposits of sand...Read More»

Luber-finer® Adds to Robust Heavy-Duty Filtration Product Lines for On-Road and Off-Road Applications

Albion, IL, January 10, 2013 - Luber-finer®, an industry leader and trusted brand in heavy-duty filtration, has made a commitment for all of its 75-plus years to improving the value proposition for its end-users customers by optimizing its Luber-finer® product offering. Since June 2012, Luber-finer® has introduced 140 new filtration products for use in on-road and...Read More»

New Luber-finer® Oil Filter Mobile Website Helps Fleet Managers Identify Maintenance Cost Reductions

Albion, IL, January 7, 2013 - Luber-finer® oil filters, an industry leader and trusted brand in heavy-duty filtration, is pleased to announce the launch of its new oil filter Time Release Technology (TRT™) Value Calculator mobile website. This exciting new mobile website can be accessed at...Read More»

Luber-finer® Launches Heavy-Duty TRT™ Oil Filter Line & Value Calculator

Albion, IL, December 19, 2012 - Luber-finer® oil filters, an industry leader and trusted brand in heavy-duty filtration, is pleased to announce the launch of its new line of Heavy-Duty Time Release Technology (TRT™) Oil Filters. Designed to go beyond filtration, Luber-finer® TRT™ oil filters provide users with an oil management system that helps maintain oil quality and reduce maintenance costs associated with oil-change intervals...Read More»