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Mining Equipment Growth Forecast To Exceed 8%

A recent report highlighting the current growth forecast for U.S. mining is rooted in the continued surge in mining activities throughout the U.S. Read More»

A New Outlook For U.S. Regions That Once Shunned Mining

The recent struggles of mining across North America has brought some unconventional thinking to areas of the United States where the interest in mining operations have been less than enthusiastic. Read More»

Report Indicates Growth in Global Hydraulic Proppants Mining

A decade ago, proppant sand mining was a sideshow for the most niche-oriented mining operations, regional use was inconsistent and unsustainable. Read More»

U.S. Coal Consumption Is Down While Global Points Up

The declines in the economic viability of the U.S. coal industry have been apparent for years. And while the U.S. coal demand will continue to diminish, the demand for coal on a global scale is climbing dramatically. Read More»

Coal has planned for long-term change and now it has arrived

For more than a decade, the U.S. coal industry has seen the writing on the wall. From federal regulations to lean demand, there are many fronts for the coal industry to fight a battle for survival. Read More»

Mining Growth Forecast Despite Early Speed bumps

According to a new report by MarketsandMarkets (MaM), growth in the mining equipment market is forecast to exceed the equally high-powered construction equipment market through 2019. Read More»

Graphite Mines Searching For The New Black Gold

The latest trend in mining that presents a very positive agenda is the rising star of the North American graphite mines. The forecast for graphite mines is so positive that industry experts are starting to call graphite the 21st Century’s new black gold. Read More»

Grim Mining Forecast is Opportunity for Future Growth

There's no question that 2014 has been an extraordinarily harsh year for mining, no surprise coming off a rough 2013; however, one company's struggles and loss often becomes the target of opportunistic investors that can turn around a mining operation and instill vigor back into a stagnant or crippled industry. Read More»

Coal Mining Dealing With Rail Network's Stifled Capacity

In a twist of fate that can only be described as a harsh reality of how little man can control when it comes to the forces of weather and commodity volumes, coal mining is faced with increased demand while railroads cannot meet capacity volumes to transport it. Read More»

U.S. Census Bureau Report Puts Mining Sector Into Top Growth Arena

In a five-year period the U.S. Census Bureau focused on with a recent economic report, it was a very unusual suspect that managed to find its way to the top of the growth list. Read More»

World Coal Consumption Driving Demand For U.S. Coal

The demand for U.S. coal has been an anticipated boon to an industry struggling to maintain some semblance of regular demand for its product. From stringent pollution regulations and a domestic boom in natural gas production, there was little reason to be hopeful for U.S. coal. Read More»

Ernst & Young Reports Mining Market Bottomed Out In 2013

Changes in the 2014 mining marketplace have created a new North American sector that appears to be rife with opportunities for nontraditional investors...Read More»

Westmorland Acquisition Shows Outlook For Coal Export Booming

With the announcement that China, the world’s top energy consumer, is renewing its commitment to making itself less reliant on imported energy sources by doubling its output of gas and oil, world energy providers are taking notice...Read More»

U.S. Mining Is Seeing Large, Increasing Investments By Private Equity Firms

There's a standard motto in the investment sector that goes to the core of success in what can be a very demanding, very competitive, and oft-unpredictable industry: 'buy low, sell high.'...Read More»

Discarded Mining Elements Could Be The Start Of A New Gold Rush

If it is true that one man’s garbage is another man’s gold, then the U.S. mining industry, which has always had large volumes of waste material in plain sight, may be rife for a new gold rush of sorts for rare minerals...Read More»

Survey: Shale Boom Providing Boost To Trucking Industry

National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) and the Ohio Trucking Association (OTA) recently collaborated with Benesch, an Ohio-based law firm with expertise in transportation law, to conduct a survey to examine how the growth in shale oil and natural gas exploration, production and transportation is impacting the trucking industry on both a national and state level...Read More»

Coal Industry Places Hopes On Exports As U.S. Market Shrinks

In a pitched battle between the U.S. Coal industry, environmental groups and governmental regulations, the future of coal as a driving economic force for regions of Montana is hitting a stalemate...Read More»