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Monday, February 4, 2013

Luber-finer Maintenance Kits keep filters flowing freely

The system used to keep a vehicle operating in tip-top condition—from the family SUV to the 30-ton road grader—is a complex pastiche of components and liquids that must be operating in perfect harmony if the vehicle is to perform as expected. Key to this optimized performance is the work of the various filters that inhabit a vehicle’s innards. With that in mind, Luber-finer offers a series of Heavy-Duty Maintenance Kits that are designed to help the vehicle of fleet user keep their rolling stock on the road and out of the repair shop.

A Luber-finer maintenance kit can be configured to include any or all of the following heavy-duty filter types: 

  • Air Filters. Constructed with specially blended filter media for optimal dirt-holding capacity, filtering efficiency and maximum engine protection. Available in a broad range of sizes for use in virtually all applications, Luber-finer air filters ensure original equipment fit, function and performance.
  • Fuel Filters. An innovative “no bowl” OEM design eliminates the work and worry of fuel/water separation and fuel-filter maintenance by offering a one-filter replacement solution to less-efficient plastic bowl add-on type fuel filters.
  • Cabin Air Filters. Designed to protect the driver and any passengers from dust, smog and pollen by trapping bacteria, dust, pollen and exhaust gases before they have a chance to enter the vehicle’s ventilation system.
  • Oil/Lube Filters. Engineered with specially formulated media to provide maximum protection from engine wear and equipment breakdown. Also tested using the latest SAE and OE testing measurements, allowing the filters to meet or exceed OE requirements for service life, efficiency and contaminant removal.
  • Coolant Filters. Designed by Luber-finer to prevent dirt, rust, scale and other contaminants from entering the cooling system, where “hot spots” can be created and damage the engine. Compatible with all applications and provide the best protection available for all service levels.
  • Hydraulic Filters. Efficiently provide protection against the encroachment of contaminants that can lead to excessive wear of the hydraulic system, resulting in increased equipment uptime and performance.

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