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Monday, February 4, 2013

Keep your engine cool with the proper coolant products

A reliable coolant filter plays a key role in preventing rust, dirt, scale and other contaminants from damaging a vehicle’s engine. But not all coolant filters are the same. Thanks to years of research, Luber-finer has been able to develop a complete series of specialized coolant products, including supplemental coolant additives (SCA), SCA and non-SCA coolant filters and an array of coolant-testing products.

Luber-finer Heavy-Duty Coolant Filters help protect a vehicle’s cooling system by way of a number of built-in design advancements, including: 

  • Durable Epoxy-Coated Shell. Resists rust and corrosion during extended or severe-duty service.
  • Patented CRT™ (Controlled Release Technology). Allows the release of controlled levels of SCA in order to protect against rust, scale and other buildup.
  • Protective Holding Chamber. Keeps CRT coolant additives separate from the filter media, which prevents degradation and provides even coolant release.
  • High-Efficiency Synthetic Media. Designed for extended service levels and capable of handling high heat and reliable, consistent coolant flow.
  • All-Steel Baseplate. Provides durability and strength for stability over extended service levels.
  • Double-Rolled Seam. Ensures a tight filter fit to prevent leakage.

Luber-finer conventional SCA coolant filters will protect the vehicle’s cooling system during recommended service intervals of one year, 20,000 miles or 1,000 thousands of operation. These filters are pre-charged with SCA to protect the engine against corrosion. Luber-finer 6500 Series CRT coolant filters can maintain cooling system for up to one year, 150,000 miles or 4,000 hours of operation. These filters feature a specially formulated synthetic filter media and are also pre-charged with SCA. Luber-finer XL Series non-SCA filters are made for use with extended life coolant (ELC) products and conventional coolant when longer service intervals are desired. With this type of filter, care must be given to servicing the vehicle’s cooling system per the manufacturer’s recommendations for testing and treatment.

Luber-finer also offers the LCTK10, LCTS11 and LCTK12 Coolant Analysis Test Kits and Strips, which are designed to measure the coolant’s nitrite level, freeze point, pH level and, in the case of the LCTK10 model, reserve alkalinity.

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