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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clean Oil Filters Help Keep An Engine Purring Along

While gasoline or diesel fuel power a vehicle's engine, it is the oil that keeps it operating in tip-top shape. Therefore, it is imperative that the vehicle's oil/lube filter be properly maintained. Simply put, oil that is ignored loses good chemical properties and picks up engine-harming impurities that bombard the oil/lube filter. As the filter itself gets older and dirtier, more and more of these contaminants—consisting mostly of soot, acids, moisture and wear particles—escape the filter media and enter the oil stream, which puts the engine in danger.

To combat this assault on the engine's moving parts, a high-quality oil filter must be incorporated into the maintenance plan, which can fluctuate with the severity of the driving or operating conditions that the vehicle confronts during its use. The best oil filters offer high filtering efficiency and either meet or exceed the requirements specified by OEMs.

Realizing this, Luber-finer has engineered its Heavy-Duty Oil/Lube Filters, with specially formulated media that has been designed to provide maximum protection from engine wear and equipment breakdown. In fact, all Luber-finer oil/lube filters are tested using the latest SAE and OE testing measurements, which allows them to meet or exceed OE requirements for service life, efficiency and contaminant removal.

In conjunction with choosing the correct lube-oil filter, the vehicle operator must also make sure that the filters are inspected and changed on a regular basis. This is a challenge when the operator wants to extend the vehicle's oil-drain interval in an effort to reduce maintenance costs, vehicle downtime and waste-oil generation.

For situations like these, Luber-finer offers its Imperial XL Oil Filter. These filters have 1.5 times the filtering capacity of the leading brands of cellulose filters, while their higher efficiency means that less contaminants are allowed to pass through the filter media, resulting in longer life for sensitive components. Imperial XL oil filters also protect engine parts by permitting the oil to flow freely during cold engine starts. The key to the Imperial XL's performance is its LH 60 Synthetic Media, which delivers up to 90% efficiency thanks to its enhanced particle removal and ability to handle higher operating temperatures.

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